• - Magen M.


    Extreme Equine Supplements has been a game changer in our feeding program. I have a 4 year old Friesian mare and an 11 year old Friesian cross mare. Since putting them on EES I have noticed a real difference in their coats. My purebred Friesian has the most gorgeous shiny black dapples and the richest black color. That’s saying something since we live in Hawaii with constant sun!  Her mane is growing so long and also turning more black without the orange/brown tinges.  My Friesian cross is a jumper. Her joints were sounding creaky and after starting with EES no more creeks! Both the girls love it, eating all their grain and EES supplements without issue. The supplement provides the basic nutritional needs and so much more. It has simplified our feeding routine because it has just about everything my two mares need, all in one supplement! Thanks Extreme Equine Supplements for caring so much about our equine family members to develop such a great supplement product!

  • - Terie O.

    Bowie, TX


    I've been feeding Extreme Equine Supplement to my yearling Friesian colt for just over a month now. The difference I've seen in him is incredible! He was on another equine supplement very commonly used by the Friesian community quite literally his entire life prior to switching. While he looked just fine on the previous supplement, I wasn't seeing the stellar results I was hoping for. After just one month on EES, my colt (who is turned out 24/7 in the triple digit Texas sun and heat) is actually turning BLACK again! His mane, tail, forelock, and feather have not only grown in length at an increased rate, but they have actually gotten thicker! His coat now always looks like he has been sprayed with polisher, even after a few days of no brushing. His hoof quality is also showing quite a drastic improvement. We live in a very sandy area that zaps the moisture out of his hooves and has always left them dry and brittle which tends to leave them with chips and breakage between farrier appointments. I'm happy to say we are halfway through our current trim cycle and his hooves look like they were just done...very strong and clean! Switching to EES has actually ended up saving me money as my colt happily eats it with his feed with no additional oil added as I was having to do with his previous supplement. It smells amazing and isn't at all dry or chalky. The company is awesome to work with and my order shipped out immediately after I placed it. EES definitely a game changer for me, and I highly recommend that anyone try it out. You won't be disappointed! 

  • - Sarah O.

    Still Waters Equitation


    Let me start by saying that I have certifications in Equine Nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Equine Acupressure, Equine Kinesiology, and as an ESMT. I also created a form of stretching horses that I call TSR (therapeutic stretch and release). I'm also a professional Trimmer and Trainer. Using French Classical Dressage as a foundation for mental and physical rehabilitation of horses of all breeds.

    I've learned just how important nutrients are for the body to heal and function properly. Spending years buying a big variety of supplements and always being frustrated that I have to mix n match so much because no one supplement seems to have the full mix of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, Omega 3, probiotics, and joint care. We spend more money per month without realizing it, not to mention the hours spent on making daily supplement baggies.

    I met Joe when I purchased my Friesian Stud Colt Phoenix. I was a bit skeptical that there was a supplement out there that truly had everything that I wanted in it. Joe sent me over his nutritional list and I spent about 2 weeks coming through it and comparing to every single supplement that I've ever fed. I also compared it to what I was currently feeding my entire herd from most expensive to least expensive to maintain. 

    Extreme Equine has really impressed me. Not only is it actually less expensive per month per horse, it also has ingredients that I just couldn't get myself to spend $ on, AND no more hours lost making baggies!! 

    There are now 4 owners at my barn using EE. From endurance, dressage, broodmares, youngsters, rehabilitation, and pleasure horses - they all are thriving and looking their best. 

    I highly recommend giving your horses this very thought-out supplement. 

    Thank you Joe and Kayla for your blood, sweat, and tears creating this product!

  • - Felix S.

    PRCA Specialty Act

    Mapleton, UT


    So far, I’ve seen a huge change on my horse’s coat quality. There mane and tails are stronger and have grown out even more than I was expecting. Their hooves also look way better according to my Ferrier. Being on the road most of the year, I know first-hand the stresses my horses go through while traveling and performing. I am confident that Extreme Equine Supplements will give my horses all the nutritional support they need to perform and recover week in and week out!

  • - LeAnn H.

    Washougal, WA


    I started my five year old Friesian gelding on Extreme Supplement April 26 of this year, after six weeks I started noticing his shine in his coat and his mane had grown, even my farrier mention how much growth he had trimmed off the hoof this time. I contribute the difference to Extreme Supplement and thank Joe for introducing me to his supplement. 

  • - Jimmy Escobedo E.

    Los Angeles, CA


    I have been using EES for a while now. I am very particular about what I feed my horse. Even though it’s a new product in the market, knowing it came from Joe I knew it would be good. I see the love he has for his horses and I knew he wouldn’t just sell a regular supplement. I have def seen the difference on my horses. They are happier and look healthier! Plus the shine on the coat is amazing. They stay shinny all day and after their showers the shine is unbelievable. I give 10/10!👏🏼👏🏼

  • - Coreen H.

    Spokane, WA


    I have been using extreme equine supplement for quite a few months now. I have 4 horses on it in various degrees of work. All have been doing great on it with improvements most notably in skin and hair. I have one mare unable to have it because of an unfortunate allergy to flax seed. Although she receives the same care otherwise the lack of sheen to her coat is noticeable in comparison to the others. Highly recommend!

  • - Diane M

    Eagle, ID


    Thank you, Extreme Equine Supplements, for a great product that my Friesian loves. No way to avoid sun exposure living in the high desert. Even with shade my 3 black horses prefer to hang out in the sunshine. It was a challenge to find a supplement low in iron that would stop the fading we were experiencing with other supplements. Grateful that Joe and Kayla came up with a supplement that fit the bill and would keep our horses healthy and beautiful! Thank you EES!

  • - Dawn T.

    Roanoke, TX


    Everyone is doing great on Extreme Equine Supplements! They love the taste of it and gobble it down. Everyone is slick and shiny and are adding weight in all the right spots. We love it!! We have 6 of the horses here at the barn on it and everyone is looking and feeling great!!

  • - Sarah M.

    Grayling, MI


    I have been using EES for a few months now and I can’t tell you the amazing results! I started to use them just on my performance horse and now feed it to all of my horses! It helps with bloom, shine, weight management and everything in between! I cannot say enough positive things about this supplement. I have a super picky eater, and he has no problem cleaning his feeder. It smells good, easy to feed, the horses like it and I love the results. Highly recommended!!!

  • - Bridget Campbell

    Hillsboro, OR


    My mares have been on EES for over 4 months. In that time my retired 16 year old barrel horse, who has navicular, has had major improvements on her strides, comfort and overall health. I want to add that she is on a daily gabapentin and Equioxx, vet prescribed, anti-inflammatory, but was still uncomfortable until the 2nd month on EES. My 2 1/2 year old barrel prospect is growing well, her coat really shines and she has more spiciness to her demeanor (in a good way). Both mares have surprised my farrier with excellent hoof growth (for navicular horses this is a big win to show great circulation in the hooves). Both mares coat colors have darkened, they are sleek and soft when I take their blankets off. I am proud to represent EES, through my mares, because their health is my number one priority and they are doing fantastic!

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