Feeding Tips and Tricks

How do I feed Extreme Equine Supplements?

With any supplements we recommend starting very slow. You can feed Extreme Equine Supplements directly to your horse or on top of an existing grain being fed. Some clients will even mix it with an oil of their choise if they are trying to add calories to increase weight on the horse.

How much Supplement should I feed daily?

Extreme Equine Supplement is designed to be fed by weight of the horse.

Daily recommendation by weight:

2 oz. per day - Horses up to 500 lbs and/or 2 years of age.

4 oz. Per Day - Horses 500-1000 lbs and/or 2+ years of age.

*4oz. per day is our average feeding rate.

6 oz. per day - Horses 1000lbs+ including but not limited to, Performance Horses, Lactating Mares, and Breeding Stallions.

What type of horses will Extreme Equine Supplements work for?

Extreme Equine Supplements was developed for all horses. It can safely be fed to Foals, Mares, Lactating Mares, Breeding Stallions, Performance Horses, Draft Horses, Miniature Horses, Donkeys, Mules, and Ponies.

My Horse is being Picky

Generally horses don't have any issues with the supplement and love the berry flavor.

Here are a few tips to getting your horse accustomed to EES (if needed):

- Start with a small amount in their grain

-Add a little water or oil to the mixture

-Put the supplement at the bottom of their grain

-Add a little grain without the supplement to the top of the feed bin