"Not Your Average Horse Supplement"

-Molly Martin, USDF Gold Medalist





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Most Advanced Complete Supplement in the World

A true all-in-one equine supplement providing nutritional values that far surpass the competition while eliminating the need to feed anything but forage.

Veterinarian Recommended

Developed by top equine
nutritionists and recommended by veterinarians worldwide, EES provides horses with the daily Vitamins,
Minerals, and nutrients they need for improved overall health and performance.

Enhanced Performance

specially formulated to boost your horse's performance,

helping them excel in their chosen discipline.

Optimal Hydration

Providing all of the essential Electrolytes necessary to encourage an increase in water consumption.

Ultra Glossy Coat

Prepare to be amazed by the transformation of your horse's coat! Our supplement promotes a shiny, healthy coat that will turn heads wherever you go.

Ultimate Hoof Support

Say goodbye to brittle and weak hooves!

Extreme Equine Supplements strengthen hooves, promoting healthy growth and reducing the risk of cracks or splits while promoting superior strength.

Mane & Tail Support

EES includes key vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to help your equine partner develop that thick, luxurious mane and tail we all admire.

Joint Support

Additional supplementation can improve the range of motion, mobility, and performance in horses with joint-related issues.

Extreme Equine Supplements was formulated with Glucosamine, msm, hyaluronic acid, and High levels of Omega 3โ€™s and 6โ€™s giving your equine partners the best joint supplements on the market.

Enhanced Digestion

Our supplement supports a healthy digestive system, ensuring your horse can efficiently absorb nutrients from their feed and maintain optimal health. EES provides more overall digestive support than any other supplement on the market today.

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Complete Horse Supplement

Solid Muscle & Topline Development

The Top Choice for many equestrians, EESโ€™s concentrated formula offers a powerful blend of Amino Acids, Vitamins Minerals and Nutrients to increase muscle development and build a show-stopping topline and overall physique.

Immune System Boost

Each serving is precisely formulated to maximize the performance of your horseโ€™s immune system keep your equine performing and feeling their best.

Faster Recovery

EES provides extreme nourishment for your horse.

Each scoop helps to shorten recovery times and maintain energy levels longer, allowing your equine partner to reach its full potential.

Balanced Nutrition

Our supplement provides a balanced blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to ensure your horse's diet is complete.

Broodmare & Foal Development

EES provides your broodmares with the essential nutrients necessary to ensure strong, and healthy foal development.

All while helping your broodmares maintain optimal weight throughout motherhood.

Optimized Forage Utilization and Nutrient Absorption

Expertly formulated to help your horse get the most out of their feed giving your equine partner the luxury of premium nutrition.

Reduced inflamation

Inflammation can hinder performance and cause discomfort.

Extreme Equine Supplements contain 33 anti-inflammatory ingredients to help reduce inflammation and promote overall comfort.

Improved Concentration

With the right nutrients, your horse will have improved focus and concentration, making training and competing more successful.

Trusted Quality Assurance

Manufactured in the USA with the highest quality ingredients!

Featuring our Extreme nutrient-dense, low-sugar, All-In-One formula.

Breeding Stallions Increased Volume and Motility

Maximize the potential of your stallion with Extreme Equine Supplements. Scientifically formulated to help enhance semen quality, motility, and overall volume.

Satisfied Customers

Countless horse owners have seen incredible results with Extreme Equine Supplements. Join 1000's of Satisfied Customer throughout North America and see the difference for yourself!

Large Farms & Boarding Facilities

EES can simplify feeding routines, improve overall condition of horses, and may help reduce feed costs. Extreme Equine Supplements may help horses better utilize their forage which in returns reduces the amount of forage needed to keep horses at optimal weight. We recommend the 45 lb Large Bulk Bag for horse facilities feeding more than 4 horses.