Frequently Asked Questions

How do I feed Extreme Equine Supplements?

With any supplements we recommend starting very slow. You can feed Extreme Equine Supplements directly to your horse or as a top dressing to an existing grain being fed. Some clients will even mix it with an oil of their choice if they are trying to add calories to increase weight on the horse.

In the rare occurrence your Horse does not find Extreme Equine Supplements palatable. Please email for additional assistance.

How much Supplement should I feed daily?

Extreme Equine Supplement is designed to be fed by weight of the horse.

Daily recommendation by weight:

2 oz. per day - Horses up to 500 lbs and/or 2 years of age.

4 oz. Per Day - Horses 500-1000 lbs and/or 2+ years of age.

*4oz. per day is our average feeding rate.

6 oz. per day - Horses 1000lbs+ including but not limited to, Performance Horses, Lactating Mares, and Breeding Stallions.

What is the age range to safely feed Extreme Equine Supplements?

Extreme Equine Supplements can be fed to all horse and sub horse species at all age intervals.
We have had great success feeding to foals and weanlings at lower dose levels.

What type of horses will Extreme Equine Supplements work for?

Extreme Equine Supplements was developed for all horses. It can safely be fed to Foals, Mares, Lactating Mares, Breeding Stallions, Performance Horses, Draft Horses, Miniature Horses, Donkeys, Mules, and Ponies.

What is the shelf life of Extreme Equine Supplements?

In our independent testing, reports show that Extreme Equine Supplements will last 12 months.
Please keep in mind most vitamins will start to break down after 6 months, so we recommend
retaining no more than a 6-month supply at any given time.

Having trouble accessing your account?

If you’re having difficulty accessing your account at any time. Please feel free to email us at for assistance.

How do I Enroll in Auto-Ship?

During checkout, you will be asked if you want to pay for a one time purchase or enroll in autoship. Select your shipping frequency and continue to checkout.

How do I enroll in Extreme Equine Supplements Large Farm Discounts?

Please call or email our customer support staff at to
set up a large farm account. These accounts are meant for 6 horses or more and will include
multi horse discounts.

How do I become an Ambassador?

We encourage everyone to apply for our Ambassador Program! It is not just for the equestrian elites. We love to help and support everyone who loves and supports us! to apply, please visit our Ambassadors page and fill out our contact form to receive further instructions.

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