Over the past 3 years Kayla and I have spent a great deal of time working towards our goal of building the greatest equine supplement available. 


Our journey began one cold, rainy night in the barn as we struggled to remember everyone’s feeding rate. At the time we were feeding 5 different supplements along with grain, orchard hay, and alfalfa. We were constantly running out of one supplement or another and knew there had to be a better way. After countless nights searching the web we couldn’t find anything that had the correct amounts of what we wanted. So, we decided to start the endeavor to build our own. 


In the beginning, we wanted our supplement to focus on hair and hoof quality. With owning Friesians, we have always been focused on the mane and tail growth and coat condition. Upon further research we learned that most supplement companies list ingredients, but their products only contain trace amounts. This was extremely discouraging to discover. We also had issues of over feeding some nutrients trying to feed multiple supplements or some nutrients not having the right combination. Not to mention the small fortune we were paying to incorporate/meet the needs of all the essential nutrients to achieve the optimal health of our horses.


After months of comparing the top supplements from around the world we realized that what we needed didn’t exist YET. A comprehensive supplement that truly helps with digestion support, muscle building, hair, hoof, and coat conditioning, joint support, and overall health and wellness. There were complete supplements. Unfortunately, most of these do not offer high enough nutritional values to meet a horses nutritional needs. No real benefit is being gained by the horse. It’s usually done to save production costs and stay relative in the market space. We knew immediately that our supplement had to be different and do it all!

We changed our focus to produce a supplement that would work amazing for all of our horses regardless of age, sex, performance level, and current nutritional requirements. 

After 6 months of negotiations, we finally teamed up with North Americas only USDA certified organic production facility to start producing our supplement. After another 10 months of working with multiple nutritionists, production crews, animal scientists, and stable owners. We finally had a product to be proud of!


Then came the testing phase. What better horses to test our newly developed product on than our own heard of Friesians? On our farm we have a wide variety of ages and use including everything from performance breeding stallions, lactating mares, foals, and everything in between. Within a few short weeks, we were already seeing results. Coats turned a beautiful deep rich black, hooves were stronger than ever before, manes started to grow, hair was glossy and smooth, the overall health of the entire heard was blossoming. Top lines were building beautifully, and overall energy and stamina were at an all-time high for our performance horses. We were astonished and excited at the same time. Knowing we just created something so special, to simplify our lives and the lives of so many made it that much more enjoyable. 
The next phase was seeing if others were having the same success with it as we were. Many have already started feeding Extreme Equine Supplements to their herd are everyone is absolutely loving their results!

- Welcome to Extreme Equine Supplements -

The world’s most comprehensive horse supplement NOW AVAILABLE!

Welcome to Extreme Equine Supplements!

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